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Our partners

Our partners
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Partnerships are essential in delivering on our commitment to building and maintaining healthy, inclusive, socially just communities. At Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service we provide opportunities for as many people as possible to make their own contribution, in their own way, to helping us achieve this.

We partner with a huge variety of organisations and individuals to deliver our vital work. In our strategic plan 2010-2015, we place partnerships and the principle of co-responsibility at the forefront of everything we do.

Major corporate and philanthropic partners

South East Water

South East Water has been a loyal and generous partner of Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service since July 2002 - over a decade now. In a unique and successful approach to consumer debt management, South East Water help us provide their customers who are experiencing financial hardship with access to free and confidential financial counselling and other support services.

The benefits to both organisations and the community have exceeded expectations. The partnership provides Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service financial counselling at several sites throughout the region serviced by South East Water.

South East Water provide financial and staff volunteer support for our sustainability and community education work, including the Good Shepherd Community House sustainable garden at Wallaroo Community Centre, Hastings and our Outlandish program connecting women at St Kilda.

IOOF Foundation

The IOOF Foundation has been a key supporting partner of our programs for disadvantaged young people since 2005. One of their first grants supported a mentoring program for young people and was followed by critical support of our driver education programs from 2008. Together we share a commitment to providing friendship, positive role models and skills to help young people transition to adulthood.

National Australia Bank

NAB and Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service began our partnership in 2003. Together we have developed microfinance solutions to help Australians living on low incomes access fair, safe and affordable financial services. Our work with NAB and local community organisations across Australia has assisted more than 16,000 people previously excluded from mainstream banking such as access to loans and savings.

Our microfinance partnership has developed programs that include StepUP low interest loans and the AddsUP savings plan. Support from NAB has also enabled the expansion of the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) nationally.

James Goold Trust

The James Goold Trust is the philanthropic giving vehicle of the Good Shepherd Sisters and has been a long-standing supporter of our work for over three decades. In 2009-2010 a generous gift of over $1.5 million enabled us to support isolated women, disadvantaged families and continue to advocate for a more fair and just society.

Ian Potter Foundation

Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service has received long-standing support from the Ian Potter Foundation. Most recently the Foundation funded a Sudanese Scoping project to identify the needs of the Sudanese Community in the Cities of Yarra and Brimbank The Foundation is currently supporting our partnership project for African families with St Joseph's School, Collingwood.

The William Buckland Foundation

Our DISH program has received generous four year support from the William Buckland Foundation. In the time the project was running, the Foundation's grant enabled us to provide life skills to hundreds of young people.

Corporate and philanthropic supporters

City West Water provide Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service's St Albans site with crucial funding to support children and young people without the means to purchase items essential to their schooling.

IMPACT for Women Inc is a group of volunteers with the goal of making a difference to Victorian women and their children living in crisis accommodation due to domestic violence. IMPACT generously funds our PARKAS (Parents Accepting Responsibility Kids Are Safe) support and recovery groups for children who have experienced family violence.

The Victorian Women's Benevolent Trust is inspired by the vision of a just and humane society in which women enjoy full participation as citizens. The Trust believes that by creating a better world for women, we create a better world for men, children, families and communities. The Trust supported our research into economic abuse, a project undertaken in partnership with Kildonan UnitingCare.   

Brandsma House is one of the eight houses at Whitefriar's Catholic College for Boys in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. In 2008 the house chose Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service as the charity it would support through fundraising activities - in large part due to the work we do with young people. Brandsma House raises money for our organisation through a major raffle, and through smaller - but no less important - individual donations from the children and their families.

Individual supporters

The Lionel de Sousa Fund

During his lifetime Lionel de Sousa was a loyal and generous supporter of Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service. When Lionel passed away in 2010 his family began the Lionel de Sousa Fund to honour his memory. The Fund supports our work with disadvantaged youth people in education, a cause that Lionel felt truly passionately about.

Major Government partners

Australian government

Dept. Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA).

Our partnership with FaHCSIA has resulted in increased access to the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILSĀ®) across Australia and the increased capacity of the National NILS Network - made up of over 400 community organisations - to deliver NILS loans. FaHCSIA's support of the National NILS Conference continues to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice across the National NILS Network.

Victorian government

The Victorian Government provides support for a range of our programs including youth engagement programs (including RAP3021), youth housing, advocacy and support, Wallaroo Community Centre and our domestic violence crisis refuges.

Vic Roads has been long term supporters of our driver education programs through generous funding and representation on the program's steering committee.

Queensland government

The Queensland Government has provided $1.2 million in support to NILS since 2008, which contributes to the training of community organisations to improve client access to NILS, particulalry indigenous clients.

View a full list of our partners and supporters (PDF 30.33 KB) as shown in our 2011-2012 Annual Report.